Four-wheeling Fun

I love to go four-wheeling!

For over ten years now  Steve and I have loved the many experiences we have had with our friends and family taking our quads out in the hills. We have ridden up into the tops of the mountains, along the hillsides, down by the lakes, through small streams, on trails that go through tall pines, through mountain sides covered in brightly colored fall colors, sometimes in pouring rain and mostly on clear, bright blue-sky days. It is a thrill to me to be able to witness up close the glorious handiwork of God.

The springtime is a stunning show of green grasses, small streamlets, lots of ponds and puddles to ride through, and hillsides covered with flowers in brilliant colors of blue, red, and gold. By summertime, the trails get a little drier and the four-wheelers bring up the dust as we ride. I wear my bandana so I can pull it up over my nose to keep the dust out. Sometimes I pull it up over my nose to keep the bugs from hitting me in the face. By fall, the grasses are dry and most of the ponds and puddles are dried up. The trails are dusty, but the leaves are starting to change and the beauty in the hills and mountains is almost unbelievable. We’ve gone riding with Curtis and Kelly, Matthew and Natalie, Jenny and Ryan, Jason and Libby, and with our good friends Mike and Connie Mascherino, and Craig and Renee Bevan. Occasionally, we are able to take other friends with us, too.

We got interested in riding when our friends the Bevans invited us to go riding with them. It was so fun! Although we didn’t think we could buy our own machines, we did stop and look at a couple of Yamaha Timberwolfs we found for sale. And we ended up buying them. So then we had to buy a trailer to pull them. We bought an 8-foot trailer from Big Bubba’s in Ogden. But riding became so fun for us we wanted to share it with our family and friends, so we bought two more Timberwolfs. Then we needed to get a bigger trailer to pull four machines. So we sold the first trailer and bought a 10-foot one. After the years, we replaced a couple of the Timberwolfs with two Honda Rincons. The Timberwolf machines had a left foot shift bar, but the Rincons had a push-button shift. That was a nice change.

We invited our friends Mike and Connie Mascherino to go riding with us one time and had a great time together. Shortly after that, they bought their own Timberwolf machines and a trailer. And after riding a few times, they also bought two more machines so they could take their family out.

We have ridden at Five Mile Pass west of Eagle Mountain, American Fork canyon, the wonderful Piute Trail, up Mineral Fork trail in Big Cottonwood canyon, at Soapstone basin (wonderful!), in the Manti-LaSalle mountains, in the hills outside Nephi, out of Fillmore, up Farmington canyon, Tibble Fork, at Mill Hollow, out in the west desert by Dell and by Vernon, up at Wasatch State Park near Midway, and at Murdock Basin. We’ve ridden these places multiple times–some of them many times. My favorites are the Piute Trail, Soapstone basin, and Wasatch State Park. We rode the Wasatch State Park a couple of weeks ago and the leaves were starting to change. The colors were breathtaking!

I hope we can have many more wonderful times riding the hills with friends and family. This is a great opportunity for us.