It’s time to clean out the recipe box. I’ve been collecting recipes for many years–just like Mom used to do–and the box is now stuffed with lots of wonderful recipes for yummy foods. But there are also a lot of recipes I’ve collected because they looked good, but I’ve never tried them. And there are some that I have tried, but they weren’t all that good. Some of these even date back to my college days.

I began the clean-out last week, starting with the A’s and working my way¬†through the box. I’ve finished the Appetizers, Breads, and Cakes. My goodness, there are some good recipes in there. Makes me want to spend more time¬†in the kitchen. I had to go down to Xpedx and buy some more of those plastic recipe card holders. It’s easier to sort through the box with these on the cards. I’ve got a long 3×5 inch card box and it’s falling apart. But I just keep taping it back together. Works great.