Family ties are binding, and I’m passionate about finding who my ancestors are and learning about their lives. I have been doing research on several of my ancestral lines. Currently, I am researching my mother’s mother’s line–Christie Egan Heath. Some of the family names on her line are Egan, Moss, Fisher, Wood, Parshley, Christton, Rushton, Snyder, Meath, Caverly, Powell, Brown, Kelsall, Tomlinson, DeMill, and Amey. They come from Canada, England, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, and early New England.

I also work on my mother’s father’s line–Grover Heath.  His ancestors came from England, Wales, Bavaria, and many from early New England. Some of the names on his line include Heath, Davies, Grover, Cole, Harvey, Whiting, Grace, James, Walderon, Fluker, Spalding, Young, Bell, and Abbott.

My siblings and I have also been working on our father’s lines, which come mostly from England, Switzerland and Scotland. They includes the names of Newman, Wayman, Hughes, Johnston, Colburn, Partridge, Golthrop, Yorston, Woolly, Ratford, Cromartie, and Slater, Urech, Kuemmerli, Wyssman, Basler, Wirz, Stauffiger, Hauri, Bachli, Hasler, Suter, and Lerch.

There is a sweet excitement in finding information about my ancestors and learning about the lives they lived. It makes me want to be a better person. Click on each of the four ancestral lines listed on the left side of the screen to see a 6-generation pedigree for each.