Elizabeth Wyssman

History of Elisabeth Wyssman Urech

History of my Paternal Grandmother by Bertha Maria Urech Newman

 These lines, of necessity, are given as they are remembered from the actual contact with my grandmother, Elisabeth Wyssman (also in some instances written Elisabeth Weissman)

Born in Serwil, Aargau, Switzerland on the 2nd of March 1826, daughter of Benedikt Wyssman and Elisabeth Stauffiger. Birth registered in Herzoginbuchsee, Aargau, Switzerland.

As a young couple, Grandfather Urech and his wife Elisabeth Wyssman, settled in Muttenz, Baselland, Switzerland. They reared five children—Louise, Lina, Sophie, Emil, and Edward—who became my Father. Of her childhood and youth, we have no information.

Grandfather and Grandmother owned a home and a farm in Muttenz. After my father, their youngest son, had joined the police force in the city, Grandmother Urech would make a visit about once each month to our home. She always took delight in keeping house and her culinary art was excellent. So, whenever she visited, there were some of her own confections to please the grandchildren.

After Grandfather’s death, she grew very lonely. She stayed with us for a little while in town, but longed for the green acres of the farm. She became ill in the spring of 1907, just a year after Grandfather passed away. And on the 20th of June 1907 she passed away in her sleep, peaceably.

She was a member of the Protestant church and desired to remain as such. The new Gospel as we had received it made no impression on her, saying that her fore fathers grew up in the faith she would want to keep. And we allowed her the privilege to so live during her sojourn, hoping that in the Paradise she may hear the call and respond and do the ordinance work for it.

 Typed June 2005 by Adele Newman Knudson from a copy written by Bertha Maria Urech Newman