Cleaning Egans

 16 Sep 2009

Several years ago I decided my ancestral database was getting too big and I broke my four grandparent lines into separate files in Personal Ancestral File–one for Newman, Urech, Heath, and Egan ancestry. I spent a lot of time working on the Heath line and adding some pre-1500 ancestors that I found in online books and other sources. I also worked on the Newman line for several months learning about different ancestors and their interesting lives. I haven’t done much work on the Urech line because my brother and my sister have each spent a considerable amount of time on that line. But most of my time in the past few years has been spent trying to clean up the Egan line. I’ve added notes and sources to many of the people, and have correct place names and date formats. I have tried to find sources on everyone possible. Where the only source was Ancestral File, I have searched to find a better source to replace it. This work has been a labor of love. And I’m nearly ready to post the file on and on Pedigree Resource File.

16 Nov 2009

Today I finished the clean-up of the Egan file. All names, places, dates are now in correct format; all references to the Ancestral File have been deleted and real sources entered where possible. Relationships have been verified, nearly all pre-1500 ancestors have been taken out and are held in a separate file with notes telling how to re-connect to this file at some point. Proxy ordinance dates have been entered for nearly all the people in the file. I sent a copy of the file to the Pedigree Resource File, where it will now be available with all notes and sources for others to view–and where a permanent copy will now be kept at the LDS Church-owned Granite Mountain Vault. I also uploaded a copy of this file to so others can find these ancestors and view the notes and sources. And they can contact me with questions or comments.