4th of July Fun 2009

What a fun day! Steve and I made Belgian waffles and took them to Murray Park, where Curtis and Kelly had saved a good spot for the whole family to set out the lawn chairs and blankets and watch the parade. We all ate breakfast and enjoyed a beautiful morning together with the kids and grandchildren. Then that evening we went back to the park for the fireworks. I made a birthday cake so we could blow out the candle and sing Happy Birthday to America. There were many people out on the open lawn near the ball field to enjoy the fireworks.

Not too far from us was a group of people playing cards and having a good time. One of the young men was smoking and the smoke was drifting our way. It is not legal to smoke at any public park in Utah. Steve and I were annoyed by the smoke, but didn’t want to interfer with their group activity. Besides, the guy and several others in their group were very tatooed and the girls weren’t wearing much and I didn’t feel I’d be a welcomed guest in their group.

But as I was playing with Aubrey and wishing there wasn’t smoke blowing my way, I noticed myself getting up and walking over to the young man who was smoking. It was almost like an out-of-body experience. I don’t remember planning to do it. I didn’t have any idea what I was going to say to him. But as I came up to him, he quickly put his hand of cards down by his side. I just heard myself tell him that he might not be aware that smoking was not legal in the park, and that there were a few people in our group who were very sensitive to cigarette smoke. He said, “Ok, thanks.” Well, that was nice enough. I didn’t ask him to quit or anything. I apologized for the interruption and left. As I was walking back to our family I thought–good grief! what have I done?! They’ll probably get a good laugh at me. But he wasn’t smoking the rest of the evening.

It was a beautiful evening and the fireworks were great. Good memories…