Fun at Costco

I always like going to Costco. A few years back we nicknamed it the ‘hundred dollar store’. We didn’t get out of there very often for less–and when we did, we celebrated. I like to people-watch at Costco. Moms with multiple children are fun to watch. They do an amazing job of juggling the kids, maneuvering the cart, and getting the shopping done. It’s fun to watch someone in the photo department try to use the photo CD reader for the first time. And it’s also fun to watch those men without their wives. When they get ready to pick out an item, they pull out the cell phone and call the wife to describe the items in detail to see which one she wants. There is a lot of good entertainment at Costco.

I had a particularly entertaining day last week when I went in to get just one item–a bag of Miracle Grow Fertilizer. Another lady, by herself and on her cell phone, was pushing her cart behind me and when I turned on the garden isle, she was close behind. But when I stopped at the Miracle Grow, she was still talking on the phone. She came around the corner a little too fast, and as she saw me putting the large bag in my cart she tried to turn her cart with her one free hand to go around me and she turned too far. Her cart hit a displayof large, 3-foot high decorative garden pots that were stacked two high. The bottom one went over and started a chain reaction with the others around it. And the one on top of it crashed to the floor–a very loud crashing noise. It all happened in a just few seconds. She was really frazzled. She threw the phone in her bag and tried to grab as many pots as she could. I tried to help steady the ones that hadn’t gone over yet. The employees came running. It was so funny. Soooo funny! I can’t wait to go back again.