Rendezvous Beach Camping

We thought we were going camping on the south shore of Bear Lake where we could wake up in the morning and walk out to the water. But what really happened was that the lake decided to shrink. So we camped in a campground with very few trees and lots of weeds where we could see the lake about a hundred yards away. But between us and the water was tall, thick grass. There was no beach. The grass went right into the water. To get to a real beach, we had to pack all our lake stuff into the back of a truck (and we had a lot!) and drive nearly a mile to the day-use area to enjoy the sandy beach on the south shore of Bear Lake.

Even though it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, we still had two wonderful days on the beach with our family–Curtis, Kelly and Katelyn, and Matthew, Natalie, Aubrey and Mackenzie. When we first arrived, we set up our camps and put sandwiches and goodies in the cooler and drove down to the lake. We had a really great time that afternoon and then headed back to camp. We had tacos for dinner that night, and root beer floats, too. Then we enjoyed a great campfire and had s’mores. The stars were out in all their glory. It was a beautiful night. The next morning, Matthew and Natalie made breakfast of eggs, two kinds of bacon, and pancakes. Life is good.

Then we all packed up and drove down to the beach, again. We unloaded all our beach stuff and enjoyed the day. The water was warm enough to really enjoy. The kids played with all the paraphernalia we took and had lots of fun. The weather was hot days and cool nights–perfect. And although there had been some scary reports of clouds of mosquitoes, we only saw one or two mosquitoes and got no bites at all. (whew!)

The water was shallow out a long way from the shore, and it was fun to watch the kids play in the water. Katelyn (3-1/2 yrs old) was out on her little float tube padding and kicking and really enjoying the water most of the time. Aubrey (3-1/2 yrs old) had been a little timid about the water, but it didn’t take long before she was letting her mom walk her out a little further to bounce over the waves. By the end of the day she was riding on the float toys and enjoying the water with Katelyn. Mackenzie (2 yrs old) seemed to have no fear at all. She would just walk right into the water and keep on going. When the kids started to show signs of being cold, I’d take them back to shore and wrap them up tightly in a big, warm beach towel. They liked that.

Matthew and Natalie packed up that evening and headed for home. Curtis and Kelly, and Steve and I, stayed that night and left the next morning after breakfast. More great memories…