A Day at Hogle Zoo

Boy was it HOT! I went to the zoo with Lisa, Vernon, Gayle and families. Most of the children hadn’t been to a zoo before (that they could remember) and were so excited to see the animals. And I was happy to be with my family that I don’t get to see nearly enough.

The zoo was giving a price cut if you brought a coupon or a can of Dr. Pepper. So we took three cans of Dr. Pepper and, since nobody in our group drinks it, we gave them to the ticket girl–still full. She was happy. We got our tickets and headed first for the train ride. I could barely get my legs into the grain. It was definitely made for shorter people. The engineer described some of the animals as we rode past. But the speaker system wasn’t very good and I could hardly understand a thing she said. Then we started the hike through the different areas of the zoo, starting with the monkeys.

The monkeys used to always be my favorite at the zoo. They used to have lots of monkeys playing in their monkey cages but it’s not that way now. There are a few monkeys and sometimes they swing around but it’s not as good as it used to be many years ago.

We got to the zoo about 1:00, just about the time the sun really begins to get hot. So we took every opportunity to walk in the shade or stand under the misters or go in the buildings to see the displays. It was fun watching the children get excited about the different animals and birds–penguins, aligators, snakes, elephants, bears, zebras, and even bison. But the heat was almost unbearable. We saw some people walking around with umbrellas and I wished I had brought mine. We enjoyed the zoo, but were glad to finally get back to the air conditioned cars to come home.