Steve and Carolyn Reunion

Steve and Carolyn Family minus Mike's family and NateElle, Makayla, Eleanor, MichelleeSteve and Carolyn’s family came to town for a reunion the end of July. They rented a LARGE monster home in Heber and enjoyed a few days together with nearly all of their children and grandchildren. They had twenty-five people there–13 adults and 12 children. Mike and Kristi and their new son Emmet weren’t able to come. And Nathan was doing a major concert and also couldn’t come.

Steve and I were invited to come up for an evening to have dinner and visit. It was wonderful to see the family again. We had a wonderful time–all too short, though. On Saturday afternoon, after the reunion was over and most of the families had gone home, Steve and Aaron, Kimberlee and Eleanor came to our house to stay Saturday and Sunday night. Carolyn stayed at Dan and Jeni’s. After Church on Sunday, they all drove up to Hill AFB to visit Dan’s family. Later they ALL came back for dinner at our house that evening. We got to enjoy the family again–Steve and Carolyn, Dan and Jeni and girls, Aaron and Kimberlee and Eleanor, and Curt and Matt’s families came as well. A full house and a wonderful visit late into the evening. We had traditional taco salad and strawberry shortcake. Stever and Lacey stopped in, also. We sat out in the yard and talked and the kids played. We got out our little yard cooker and made s’mores. It was such a sweet time to be with the family I love.