NGS Conference in town

The National Genealogical Society Conference was held in Salt Lake City the end of April 2010 and I got to attend. My brothers Steve and Terry flew in to attend also. It was quite an event. There were actually three genealogy conferences going on at the same time in town and there was a lot of media hype about them. The NGS conference offered hundreds of classes to choose from. For four days we attended classes that taught from the basic how-to-begin subjects to the more complex classes about how to find female ancestors, using DNA to identify ancestors, using census records and other state or church records, how to read old English script, how to break down brick walls, etc.

One evening we got to attend a special performance by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir called A Celebration of Family History. It was held at the LDS Conference Center and it was a wonderful evening. The Conference Center has 22,000 seats and was nearly full for this event. David McCullough was the special guest speaker. The experiences of this week were a real highlight for me. My heart is in this work.